Monday, 23 September 2013

Chubby Chubster

After a small hiatus from the blog, busy with the daily grind, I'm back with this gem I couldn't believe was gracing Calgary's liquor stores unaware to me. This is the first Oskar Blues beer to be featured, surprising as Dale's Pale Ale is a regular tipple for me. Its Oskar Blue's Old Chub Scotch Ale, a short, 8% offering from the canning trail blazers and a beer I am extremely looking forward to trying.

Cracking it open the smell is distinctive and promising, rich roasty malts combined with a nice hoppy bitterness. The pour is smooth, revealing a lowly carbonated 'espresso' liquid that throws up a smooth finger of off white head. Held up the light it's a deep red, allowing plenty of light through.

On closer inspection the aroma is a little boozey, dark chocolate and a light coffee is present, but little else. The first sip is heavy and cloying, the carbonation is low, leaving all the work to sweet caramel malts and a strong burnt coffee bitterness. The alcohol is present combining with woody flavours to give the illusion of whiskey but with a lot more body. Theres hops here too, but only for bittering and taking a back seat as the malts go on forever.

I've never before been overly impressed by a scotch ale, if anyone was going to be able to convert me it'd surely be Oskar Blues, but they haven't. Its simply personal preference for a dryer beer and one which can hide its booze better, that said, this is a good beer with tons of great flavours going on. The positive reviews I've read are fully justifiable, just not the right beer for me, but still it gets my seal of approval.

Thirsty and Miserable.

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